Drinking Water

Drinking Water

So how much are you supposed to drink every day?

Have you ever come home after an exhausting day, and were so thirsty you could drink a lake? Do you, too, not drink all day long because “I don’t have a second to spare!”? Well that’s terrible. You’re harming your entire body. It’s not for nothing you sometimes feel like your brain is going dry. It really does get dry!

Our skin needs about 20% of the water in our body, thus if we’re lacking some – our skin will immediately show it, turning droopy and lifeless. Since water is in charge of the proper function of many bodily mechanisms (and are essentially 60% of our body weight), it is important to oxygen transport in the blood, protection of different organs, and breaking the food down in our stomach. Experts recommend drinking between 1.5 and 2.5 liters a day, and we all know the recent story that’s been spreading online about the woman who drank three liters a day for three months – and ended up looking like she went seven years back in time, with a face so bright you would think she goes to junior high.

You don’t have to go seven years back in time: we recommend grabbing a glass of water after reading this, and change just one thing about your drinking habits. For example, set your alarm clock to 2pm. When it sets off, know you have to drink at least two glasses of water. A small change can make a huge difference.

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