Why exercise matters !

Why exercise matters !

Hey, you’ve reached 40? Congrats! You’ve reached 40 and you work out? That’s awesome! But did you, too, discover that with age, you’ve also gained more fatigue, some more cramps, and a few tendons that feel a little more achy? There’s a reason for all of that: your body is demanding a slightly different routine.

Before everything else, you should know this: the hormonal shift that occurs after we turn 40 causes your fat hotspots to actually move. Suddenly your bodyfat starts to gather around your waist, some really unnecessary extras appear in the back of your arm, and on top of that, some nasty cellulite appears in areas that were ever so feminine before. If those weren’t enough, our metabolism slows, which causes our body to accumulate fat even faster.

So, what’s our best course of action?

First of all, remember your metabolism is driven by physical activity, even if it’s not the kind that wins you a medal. Walking or a combo of walking and running three times a week will make a huge difference, and help reduce bodyfat.

There’s a common myth that says you can train a certain body part to make it thinner. Fat, however, doesn’t work that way – but you can still train to keep your abs, buttocks, legs and arms toned. You can find tons of examples online.

Remember: don’t go to extremes. Make a habit of working out three times a week. In the future, your doctor will explain why this routine is the reason your bones are well protected.

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