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Originating from Taiwan, the EHEART brand was founded by actress and model Liu Yi Hsin, a Taiwanese celebrity most well known for her sexy body.  Established in 2011, EHEART products are 100% made in Taiwan. The brand has been awarded the prestigious MIT mark, ensuring the highest quality controls.

The EHEART brand consists of non-wired Day wear bra, night wear bras, sports bras, camisole with built-in bra, slimming stockings, hip slimming belts and other beauty-related items.

来自台湾的EHEART品牌由女演员刘伊心创立,她以性感身材而闻名于世的台湾名流。 EHEART成立于2011年,100%在台湾制造。 该品牌已被授予着名的MIT标志,确保最高的质量控制。




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