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Dr. Elizabeth's Buffered Vitamin C-1000, 1,550mg x 60 tablets For Optimal Health

Dr. Elizabeth's Buffered Vitamin C-1000, 1,550mg x 60 tablets For Optimal Health

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Introducing our premium PH 7 neutralized Vitamin C - the perfect solution for those who seek the convenience of Vitamin C intake, especially for those who enjoy meat-based meals often or do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Our Vitamin C tablets are made with high-quality, authentic ingredients sourced directly from Korea.

Our Vitamin C is not just any ordinary Vitamin C supplement, but it is specifically formulated to support connective tissue formation and maintain function, aid in iron absorption, and act as an antioxidant material for cell protection against free radical damage.

With our PH 7 neutralized Vitamin C, you can rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality, neutralized form of Vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach and easy to digest. Our tablets are designed for those who live an active life and require energy to keep up with their daily activities.

We know that maintaining optimal health can be challenging, especially when you are always on-the-go. That's why our Vitamin C tablets are conveniently sized and easy to take - just one tablet a day to provide your body with the necessary nutrition it needs to thrive.

Don't compromise your health and well-being any longer. Try our PH 7 neutralized Vitamin C tablets today and experience the difference for yourself. With our authentic, high-quality product, you can be confident in your decision to support your antioxidant nutrition and regain your energy to live an active life!

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